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As DC fans patiently await the late-2018 big-screen solo outing of our favorite salty superhero and friend to the fishies, we continue to be hit with a steady stream of leaks and hints. And as all this jetsam is cast adrift in a sea of social media, one conundrum continues to curse us: Is Aquaman's weapon of choice really a trident? This we've been wondering ever since a recent post on Twitter saw our handsome hero Jason Momoa holding a trident spiked with five prongs instead of three, as the "tri" of the name would suggest.

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Kudos to this poster for poking fun at Zack Snyder, pointing out that bigger doesn't always mean better in the . However, had said Twitterer been made aware of past portrayals of Aquaman in DC Comics, next time he might not be so quick to quip. Poring over those pages, one would discover that Aquaman's Trident of Neptune has long been adorned with five prongs.

Aquaman attacking with his trident. [Credit: DC Comics]
Aquaman attacking with his trident. [Credit: DC Comics]

The main three prongs on 's trident are used to stab his opponents like a spear. The weapon can also be utilized as a slasher, which is pretty handy when going toe-to-toe with an assailant. And having the little prongs on the side just make the trident look badass.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

So it looks like Snyder got this one right, and the Twitter poster? He missed the point. If the filmmaker wants to get technical about what to name it, he may want to take a meeting with and let the big fish know that in future it should be referred to as a quindent. Not to put too fine a point on it.

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We'll next see Aquaman in Justice League, which hits cinemas on November 17. You think it's still a trident? Sound off in the comments below.

[Main image credit: Warner Bros.]


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