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With but days left to go until the live-action adaptation hits the big screen, we're already questioning whether two and a bit hours of Beauty and the Beast fun will be enough to sate our Disney desires. The answer? No, probably not. I mean, who could ever get enough of Emma Watson's sassy take on Belle, Dan Steven's arrogant Beast, or Ewan McGregor's hilarious French accent?

Not you, that's who.

Check out the final trailer below, before the movie lands in theaters nationwide this Thursday, March 17:

Will 'Beauty And The Beast' Get A Sequel?

Promising to stay close to the OG version, undoubtably this live-action adaptation will be filled to the brim with all the magic, music and sentient teapots that made the 1991 fairytale so widely beloved. And, when paired with the addition of today's technological knowhow, it's safe to say that our senses are in for more than a little of that Hollywood razzle-dazzle. But will it be enough to ensure that this Beauty and the Beast will get a sequel? Let's consider the options.

The Original Animated Movie Franchise

'Beauty and the Beast' Franchise Covers [Credit: Walt Disney]
'Beauty and the Beast' Franchise Covers [Credit: Walt Disney]

Considering the Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise-helmed original picture spawned three direct-to-video spin-offs, they would be the most obvious starting points for a live-action Beauty and the Beast sequel.

All set within the events of the first film, they attempt to expand the magical world in which Belle found herself, (debatably) enriching and filling out the storyline with each installment. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas came along first, serving as a holiday special in 1997, followed by Belle's Magical World and Belle's Tales of Friendship releasing consecutively in the two years following.

Though I find it hard to believe that would star in a movie entitled Belle's Tales of Friendship, there could be at least some plot points from Enchanted Christmas that would be a pretty sweet follow-up considering its set directly after her savage wolf fight outside the castle.

There was also a Channel TV series called Sing Me A Story With Belle, but let's not even talk about that:

See also:

Could The Sequel Be Based On The Book, 'La Belle et la Bête'?

Perhaps you're wondering if Disney would ever do a live-action adaptation based around the original novel penned by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont in the 1700s. The answer, in one word, is no. When you take into account all the liberties they took with transforming Beaumont's ideas for the big screen — there were no animated servants, and no bigoted Gaston in this version, just a Beast, his Beauty and a bunch of shitty relatives — it doesn't exactly scream Disney fun, does it?

You can read all about this version here.

Existing Disney Live-Action Adaptations

A Selection Of Disney's Live-Action Adaptations [Credit: Walt Disney]
A Selection Of Disney's Live-Action Adaptations [Credit: Walt Disney]

With upward of 10 adaptations either currently in the works or rumored, it's clear that live-actions are high on Disney's agenda — but would a Beauty and the Beast sequel be worth the risk?

Out of the previous four adaptations — Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Cinderella, The Jungle Book — Alice is the only one (so far) to have a follow-up hit the box-office. And Alice Through The Looking Glass hit it hard, barely making back its production budget and being universally panned by critics, bagging a cringeworthy 30 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But one sequel does not a pattern make — with Angelina Jolie back on board for Maleficent 2, it's clear they're still up for giving the format a shot.

With that in mind then, it's pretty likely that Disney would want to give Beauty and the Beast a sequel, should it bank the big box office bucks over the coming months. And that, my friends, is on you.

Would you love to see a Beauty and the Beast live-action sequel?


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