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Firas Haidar

Okay guys, it’s official, Ben Affleck will be our next Dark Knight. On the aftermath of this news, people have been divided into two groups: those who think it’s a total mistake, and others who are actually excited about it. Now, will Ben Affleck be up for the role? Or will he make us hate the upcoming Batman movies?

First of all, I think Affleck is really talented actor, who’s proved himself over many movies and has done many good jobs. However, being a good actor doesn’t mean you fit every role. I’m not sure if Affleck is going to impress us, but I’m sure that after what Bale offered us in the last three Batman movies, he’s going to have to make a real effort to do so.

Second, is Ben Affleck the best candidate? I’ve seen many many posts on MoviePilot discussing the possible candidates, but Affleck wasn’t one of the best choices according to many of you guys. That said, I must agree, who Affleck has been a long-shot and no one actually thought about that. I think there are many actors who are fit better the Batman role.

My personal choice? I would’ve said a bigger . With a slightly bigger body, he would’ve been a perfect Batman. He can be dark, mysterious, cocky, smart, vengeful, and would be good in some fighting scenes: thus a perfect genius billionaire dark super hero.

What do you guys think? Will Affleck disappoint? And what about Fassbender? Isn’t he a good candidate?


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