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The blogs were on fire with the news that Sherlock and Smaug himself, Mr. , is strongly linked to a major role in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens. Other actors, including and , have been named as contenders to join the cast, but the news that Cumberbatch would be heading to a galaxy far, far away seem to be the most believable. In addition to his affiliation with director , the original source, Film Chronicles, isn't known for providing unreliable news, which makes this seem all the more believable. Everyone seems to be saying that this isn't a done deal, but it's also going to be announced very shortly.

This all begs the question - Who, if anyone, is Cumberbatch going to play?

Badass Digest is now reporting that he'll be joining the cast as a major character, specifically a Sith Lord. This comes from writer Devin Faraci, who doesn't seem to cite a source about where or who he heard this from. Would you guys want to see Cumberbatch take on a villainous role again or would you rather see him taking Mace Windu's thrown as the coolest Jedi out there?

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