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I hadn't watched the Netflix/City show Between until it was brought to my attention on a recent article, where I have received numerous comments over the last year asking whether or not the teen drama will return. So I decided to do a little digging to find out exactly what's been going on.

After catching up with the 12 available episodes on , it's easy to see why fans are so keen for a third season. The Season 2 cliffhanger left viewers in the lurch with lots of loose ends, indicating that a third season should be in the way. Starring iCarly alum Jennette McCurdy, the show revolves around the town of Pretty Lake where anyone over the age of 22 mysteriously drops dead leaving the town quarantined by the government.

It's been over a year ago since Season 2 finished, and in the time since there has been no news of cancelation or renewal, prompting viewers across social media to seek answers.

At the beginning of September, information appeared on the show's Wikipedia page which claimed that Between had been "quietly canceled:"

Neither Netflix nor the cast has mentioned the series since it's last premiere and all productions have ceased since 2016. Although, City has taken it off of their website, it continues to air one episode a week on their station. The final episode air date for Between was August 4th, 2016. The series ended on Season 2 Episode 6, concluding the series with a total of 12 episodes. The shows sudden cancellation left many questions and storylines unanswered.

However, the claim was not sourced, and the above text has since been removed and replaced with with following:

There has been no confirmation of a third season.

3 Questions Between Season 3 Needs to Answer

[Credit: Netflix/Ken Woroner]
[Credit: Netflix/Ken Woroner]

Like I mentioned, the Season 2 finale left us with a lot of unanswered questions, and some fans felt like the show was trying to set up for a Season 3 by deliberately not tying up loose ends. Here are 3 burning questions we have for Between:

1. What happened in those 6 months?

Horatio gave the escapees of Pretty Lake new identities and let them out into the world for six months to make sure they were totally free of the virus. They also told that the remaining youngsters to stay put for six months until they can figure out the cure, but communications would be restored and supplies delivered. So what happened in that time? Where are all the characters now?

2. Will Pretty Lake be exterminated?

It looks like all the kids still in Pretty Lake got out of being murdered at the behest of Miller, and in the last episode we saw a countdown clock to when the cure would be released. Having said this, with the lady in the supermarket falling victim to the virus, it could mean that Pretty Lake would be at blame for releasing the virus along with Wiley, Adam and the other escaped residents.

3. Why release the virus into the world?

The biggest question we have is why Horatio released the virus into the world. Season 2 ended with a woman falling victim, while Wiley and Adam look on in horror. Perhaps Horatio want to have the monopoly on the cure and make lots of money by making it available, or perhaps the virus managed to escape the quarantine anyway.

More than a year after the cliffhanger there has been no update, but Movie Pilot has reached out to both City and Netflix for comment on the status of Season 3 and will keep this post updated as soon as we have any news.

Do you think there should be a third season of Between? Let us know in the comments.


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