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The Big Bang Theory has been a huge hit on television ever since its debut back in 2007. Recently, fans of the sitcom have been treated to some quite romantic storylines: namely Leonard and Penny finally getting married, Howard and Bernadette being the first pair to become parents and Sheldon's marriage proposal to Amy. It has now been disclosed that in Season 11, another character is set to step to have an exciting (romantic?) storyline. This news has been revealed by showrunner Steven Molaro, so what could it be?

Happiness and 'Great Success' For Raj

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Over the years, has had quite a few miserable storylines, some being downright depressing. His primary, ongoing story is him never being able to have a full time relationship with a woman. His romance is always on and off with multiple women, always full of missteps and disappointment. But with all the plans in place, things are about to change for Raj. In an interview recently, showrunner Steven Molaro said this:

“I want Raj to be happy. I want him to find happiness in himself. Does that mean finding another person? I don’t know. Maybe he can have great success in work. Sometimes we get caught up so much in the relationships here that we forget that these are actually functioning, brilliant scientists who are really good at what they do. Whether it’s in the relationship side, or on the professional front, I hope Raj can have some success, somehow.”

While fans pray that Raj does actually find happiness and success, it lies in the hands of Steve Holland, another showrunner taking the reins from Molaro. Holland was announced as the new showrunner back in July, with the switch primarily due to Molaro and other co-creator of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck Lorre, being tied up with the new spin-off show, , which debuts 25th September.

Final Thoughts

With Holland taking control of the show, both Molaro and Lorre will still be contributing to The Big Bang Theory as time progresses, making sure the show still runs as planned. Hopefully this includes some happiness, and stable romance, for Raj.

Season 11 of the hit CBS show will return on September 25th, where it will pick up directly after where Season 10 left off: Sheldon proposing to Amy.

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