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I think my need to see Jurassic World just went into overdrive...

After having proved he can nail comedy with NBC's Parks and Recreation and kick-ass at drama with Zero Dark Thirty, has not only just finished filming for Marvel's spectacular space epic, Guardians of the Galaxy, but he's also in talks to take the lead role in our first return to Isla Nublar since 2001, for Jurassic World.

TheWrap is reporting that Pratt is in the early stages of negotiations to join 's new expansion of the Jurassic universe. He would be cast as the movie's male lead, alongside other confirmed actors , , and . Although plot details are being kept pretty secret, THR is suggesting that Pratt would be playing a "rugged ex-military man", while Howard will be a "smart corporate scientist."

Already knowing Pratt as comedy imbecile Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec, it might be weird to think of him as anywhere near "rugged" or "ex-military", but I'm telling you, even since playing U.S. Navy SEAL Justin in Zero Dark Thirty, the guy's massively buffed himself up for his role in 's Guardians. Pratt seems like the nicest guy too, so him landing this tentpole role is great to see.

This is how Pratt himself reacted to the news that he could star in Jurassic World, which will doubtless tip him to the verge of stardom:

Are you feeling much the same about this casting rumor? Would you like to see Pratt punching Velociraptors on the nose in Jurassic World?


Jurassic World arrives in theaters June 12, 2015.


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