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Musical adaptations are now a proven draw following the success of Les Miserables and as a result studios are giving their musical properties a second look. On the list of upcoming musical movies is a steadily gestating big-screen adaptation of Tony Award-winning smash hit musical Jersey Boys.

Until recently, the project was getting passed around from Columbia Pictures to Warner Bros., followed by some flirtations with Fox. Enter and his interest has now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, possibly gotten the project back into Warners's hands. With his current big project A Star is Born gradually slipping into limbo, it would seem that Eastwood is looking for something to fill the gap.

Maybe Eastwood just really wants to direct a musical? If you can't get a story about an up-and-coming songstress off the ground, you might as well do one about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons' rise and fall. He has, after all, been attached to the floundering A Star is Born for about two years already.

Regardless, pretty much anything Eastwood puts his hand to turns out to be worth watching. Perhaps even those who would balk at watching a musical would be more inclined to go see it with him behind the camera.

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