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Despite 's trilogy really revolving around Mikael Blomkvist, rumors are afoot that Sony could have the character written out of the sequels. They want to produce these things to a particular budget and 's request for a raise is making that hard.

's American adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was enough of a success that Sony planned to continue the series with The Girl Who Played with Fire. But, The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed that Craig might not return, even though the studio has options on him for the entire trilogy.

Craig's latest Bond outing, Skyfall, made $1 billion worldwide and word is he wants a bigger cut for The Girl Who Played with Fire. Apparently, if Sony won't meet Craig's demands, then clearly Craig won't reprise his role as journalist Blomkvist and the studio may write the character out of the sequel. A Craig source says negotiations have yet to commence, but that the actor does want to return to the role.

That means 's Lisbeth Salander would most likely carry the movie. An intriguing notion to be sure, and not entirely impossible considering the second book focuses more on Lisbeth.

However, there are two protagonists in the second book, and Blomkvist is one of them. Propose a recast, sure. Craig didn't own that part hard enough that anyone would be too upset to see him go - I'm thinking that , , or would all make excellent Mikaels. I'm totally confused about how exactly eradicating Blomkvist would even work, or is it a case of a Sony rep tossing out, "Ugh we're just going to cut him," and the reporter, not really knowing that Blomkvist is an essential figure, assumed they meant "write out" when it was probably more "recast".

I don't know what Craig thinks he's doing, picking a money fight with Sony (who is his Bond boss) after they bought up distribution rights. If an actor commits to a trilogy based on a beloved set of novels, they should do exactly that - COMMIT - and not gander for more cash. Even successful films can still have budgetary constraints on their sequels. Yes, Skyfall was a big hit, but Craig outside of Bond doesn't have the same value. Sounds like he's got a case of the divas.

I just hope that Sony's budget cutting doesn't come at the expense of the creative team. In short - keep waiting. Whether or not we'll see Lisbeth Salander kicking hornet's nests and playing with fire anytime soon remains to be seen.



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