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The Dear White People Season 1 finale managed to cleverly tie together the many threads of the show's characters, throwing aside its one-character-focus episodic formula and taking a broader perspective on the events of the students as a collective.

As much as the drama of the previous episodes all came to a head, there was still a great deal that wasn't resolved. In a way, it almost mirrored the theme of the final episode, which centered around a meeting that ignored the very issues it was intended to address.

Do these loose ends mean we should expect a second season? And what are the chances of a Dear White People Season 2?

The Show's Creator And Cast Are On Board For A Second Season

Make no mistake: show creator Justin Simien is by no means adverse to a second season of . He told The Hollywood Reporter that he's especially invested in the fate of Troy following his arrest at the demonstration:

"I think Troy's breaking point, in a literal sense, and what happens next to him is certainly of interest to me."

Brandon Bell, the actor who played Troy in both the Dear White People movie and the Netflix series, also expressed his enthusiasm to follow the story to wherever it may go next:

"Everything's kind of flipped on its head, so Troy will be definitely a different person by the start of season two. He's gone through some things that I think you can't really return back to. You have to move forward in a different way. The veil has been lifted from his eyes, and I'm excited to see where each character [goes], a lot of characters who were more radical may be a little less radical. I think playing with that in how they move forward is really important. Also, Troy in jail: What happens?"

Judging from Simien and Bell's comments, it looks like the ball is in Netflix's court for a renewal. Netflix often waits a couple of months before its season renewal announcements, though this time has been reduced for some highly successful shows, like 13 Reasons Why.

So is Dear White People successful enough for a second season? Well, it currently holds an astounding rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 85% on Metacritic. The show may have been met with outrage from some Netflix subscribers, but it looks like the service's gamble paid off.

What Can We Expect For 'Dear White People' Season 2?

Judging from critics' positive responses to Dear White People and the willingness from Simien and Bell to jump back into the drama of Winchester University, it's very likely that Dear White People will be renewed for Season 2.

With so much transpiring in the Season 1 finale, what might we expect for Dear White People Season 2? Let's take a look:

1. What Will Happen To Troy?

Troy was arrested and almost had a gun pulled on him during the demonstration, much to the horror of his father. Luckily, the dean managed to somewhat de-escalate the situation, keeping his son safe. But even the dean's son isn't excused from the consequences of damaging a college building. Will he be prosecuted, or even expelled?

2. Will The Hancocks Pull Their Funding?

The Hancocks have been using their financial aid of Winchester as a bargaining chip, trying to swindle forced integration of Armstrong-Parker House. Not to mention the sway they hold over content produced by The Independent— after all, they founded the publication. Talk about media bias.

But Lionel's piece outing their questionable ethics and motivations has definitely stirred the pot— perhaps just enough to make them pull their donation.

3. Will Armstrong-Parker Be Forced To Integrate?

Winchester's all-black campus house is a reflection of, as Lionel puts it, "our right to safe spaces". But people like the Hancocks want to put an end to voluntary segregation. Will they continue to fund Winchester under the condition that Armstrong-Parker becomes integrated?

4. Will Joelle And Reggie Get Together?

There was some undeniable chemistry between Joelle and Reggie in the studio when Reggie came to read his poem on air. Sam and Reggie may have hooked up, but Sam made it clear that she knows now that Reggie isn't who she wants. Now that Reggie's realized there's no future with Sam, he might make room in his heart for someone else— could it be Joelle?

5. Are Silvio And Lionel Together Now?

Lionel and Silvio shared a kiss at the end of the meeting during the finale. Does this mean they'll end up together, or was Lionel just trying to shut his editor up? Silvio was dropping hints that he thought Lionel was gay earlier in the season. Perhaps he really was keen on Lionel the whole time? At the very least, dating Silvio may keep him safe from any more confusing interactions with the theatre kids— or maybe introduce him to even more!

6. Could Sam And Coco Rekindle Their Friendship?

Sam and her ex-BFF Coco seemed to finally put their past behind them after Coco's last bid to suck up to the dean and his investors failed spectacularly. It would be a shame for Coco and Sam to completely write off what was a touching relationship all because of ancient history. Season 2 could be a fresh chapter for their friendship. Not to mention that neither of them are involved with Troy anymore.

7. Will The Security Guard Be Reprimanded For Pulling A Gun On Reggie?

After all, that's what the Dear White People Season 1 finale was all about: the incident with Reggie at the party. Even the dean agreed that pointing a gun at a student was uncalled for. And yet the meeting about that very incident seemed to hardly address the issue at all. Will the security guard be yet another authority figure who gets off with a mere slap on the wrist for endangering a black life?

8. Will Sam Change Her Approach?

Bell mentioned that certain "radical" characters may ease up on their approach to activism for Season 2. During the demonstration, the asinine Kurt confronted Sam about the lack of results from all her campaigning, and she seemed visibly affected by his comments. Could she change up her approach for Season 2? Keep that fire burning, Sam!

Do you want Netflix to renew Dear White People for a second season?

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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