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Even though Thor: The Dark World has yet to be fully unleashed upon the moviegoing world, talk is already turning to whether or not we can expect a third movie from the mightiest Avenger's franchise.

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, director was asked about the future of the franchise, and whether or not we can expect him to come back. In summary, probably not, but don't rule anything out:

You mean start all over again? No. It was fun and quite an adventure, but...almost 2 years – too long away from family. But I'd be willing to – and eager to take on another big adventure just not go back and redo the same one. But you didn't really mean remake Thor 2, did you? [Laughs]. One of the things that's exciting and keeps us on the edge of our seats about Marvel is that they never announce what they're going to do until the last minute. Will there be a Thor 3? I certainly hope so. They'll probably wait until this one comes out before they let the world know. Thor will be back in Avengers 2, and I think he certainly deserves a Thor 3, but that's up to the gods are Marvel to decide.

My experience with Marvel is that they are literally making it up as they go. They have a grand vision that we've been witnessing in Phase I, Phase II and Phase III, but literally, in the details, they make it up as they go – and I saw that up-close and personal when we were doing [Thor 2], when major elements were being worked out, really, in the making of the movie.

Will there be a third Thor movie? Should there be? Let me know in the comments.

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