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Brian Griffin's death has left the Family Guy fans outraged and shaken. (My brother was literary depressed about it and declared that he would not watch the show anymore.) The family's dog (voiced by series creator ) met his tragic end November 24 in the Life of Brian episode, proving that not only the The Walking Dead creators are bold enough to kill popular characters. Brian was hit by a car and the demise appeared to be final: Stewie could not repair his time machine to bring him back and the family decided to move on by buying a new pet. However, as we know, Christmas is the time of miracles, so the the mourning might soon be over: the recently deceased dog will be back.

As EW reports, Brian will return in the upcoming Christmas episode, titled Christmas Guy, so fans only have to wait till December 15 to see the their super intelligent talking canine slurping his Martinis again. According to the site, the upcoming episode's synopsis "opens the door" for Brian's return. It reads: "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas". Other proofs of his resurrection are that Brian's name is listed in the cast and he also features in the description of a 2014 episode, where he falls in love with a runner played by .

What do you think? Would you be happy to see Brian resurrected? Will he come back as a ghost or for real? And if he does come back for real, what will happen to the new dog, Vinny?

(source: Entertainment Weekly via ComicBook)


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