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Sophie Atkinson

People scoff at TV, but these days creatives seem to prefer banking on a series to a big Hollywood blockbuster. Case in point: , king of comedy, will be returning to the small screen in new miniseries, The Spoils Of Babylon.

He's being joined by an insanely star-studded cast: pint-sized sexpot , seriously funny lady , , , , and.... .

Yep. The kid off The Sixth Sense. Be still, my beating heart.

The script to this thing must be the caviar of comedy if the studio execs are shovelling up the dough for that many stars to act in it. The plot sounds pretty promising: The Spoils of Babylon centers on a wealthy oil family, the Morehouses and the orphan Devon Morehouse (Maguire). Devon ends up running the oil company, which is the seventh largest company in the world, while battling his feelings for his step-sister Cynthia (Wiig) and dealing with the Shah of Iran, played by the incomparable Ferrell.

And what about the rest of the cast? Alba plays Maguire's love interest, creepy Hayley is Cynthia's evil son, Sheen stars as Wiig's husband, Robbins is the head honcho of the Morehouses and Kilmer plays a US General.

Is it just me, or do parts of the synopsis sound familiar? Huge family incest...incestuous sister with evil son? Supposedly it's spoofing epic miniseries - a bloated genre that's got way out of hand of late what with the success of Fox's The Bible. But it also sounds like it's doing some riffing on Game of Thrones, which, while epic, is hardly a miniseries.

I don't know about you lot, but I'm excited! It feels like every other comedy these days is about pot-smoking slackers chillaxing together/youthful twenty somethings in New York or LA. This feels way more inventive and playful.

No concrete premiere date as of yet, but word on the street is that it'll debut in early 2014 on IFC. Sadly for all of us, there will only be six episodes.

Does this sound like something you'd watch? Or do you think that there's too many characters involved for this to be anything but a hyperactive flash in the pan? Drop me a line below.


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