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IFC has just unleashed a new teaser trailer for their upcoming Funny or Die produced series, The Spoils Of Babylon.

For an internet based comedy channel, Funny or Die always impresses me with the premium quality of talent they're able to wrangle. The Spoils of Babylon is no different. It will see leading a cast including , , , , , , and .

The series will consist of 6 half hour episodes which claim to be based on the works of (fictional) author Eric Jonrosh (played by Ferrell). From what we've seen The Spoils of Babylon will spoof some of the biggest mini-series on television. It goes so far to claim it will tell a tale of lust, greed, war and love which culminates in "the most epic achievement in the history of television". Check out the trailer below:


Want to find out more about The Spoils of Babylon, then check out the synopsis below:

‘The Spoils of Babylon,’ a century-spanning saga, chronicles the sexy and dramatic lives of the Morehouse family, led by Jonas Morehouse (Robbins), his daughter Cynthia (Wiig) and her adopted brother Devon (Maguire) who made their fortune in the oil business. The series takes viewers from the oil fields of Texas to boardrooms in New York City, through war torn battlefields and velvet-sheeted bedrooms.

Cynthia and Devon’s unbridled and taboo passion for one another cannot be prevented. Add in Cynthia’s evil son Winston (Osment), her put upon husband Chet Halner (Sheen), and Devon’s new love interest Dixie Mellonworth (Alba), and the booze, the pills, more passion, more pills and the heartache, and you have a mercurial potboiler. Then add in illegal arms deals, international espionage, the Shah of Iran (Ferrell), and two US Army Generals (Kilmer, Steve Tom) and it begins to overflow with boiling liquid in a pot on a hot stove that is operational.

When I first heard this idea it immediately reminded me of the absolutely sublime British comedy series, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (Seriously, it is literally the best thing ever committed to celluloid). Both share the idea of a overly-arrogant pulp fiction author and a show within a show based on his work. I love Darkplace so much, I had to buy the DVD twice as I wore the first one out. Here's hoping Will Ferrell's The Spoils of Babylon can also live up to this disc-destroying brilliance.

Funny or Die has ventured into television comedy before, not notably with its Funny or Die... presents series, but this must certainly be their most ambitious project yet. You'll be able to see it on IFC in 2014

What do you think? Do you like the idea of The Spoils of Babylon? Let me know below.


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