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Spoiler Warning: If you haven't finished Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, a.k.a. the Gilmore Girls Revival a.k.a. Gilmore Girls Season 8, you should go do that right now. Then come back here when you're done. I'll wait.

It's not every day that you get to watch another new episode of your favorite show after it's been off the air for nine years. But then, Gilmore Girls has always been a special show. If you're reading this, it means you've already devoured all 360 minutes of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, heard those long-awaited last four words, and are staring bleakly ahead, contemplating the void of a Gilmore-less future.

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Since that last line left Lorelei and most fans with their jaws on the floor, the question has been looming: Will there be another season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life? There's no official answer yet from either Netflix or creators/writers/directors Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino, so perhaps it means they haven't decided yet. And if Rory Gilmore has taught us anything, it's that when there is an important decision to be made, the only way to hash it out is with a pro-and-con list.

So, let's get down to business. Why would we want another season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, anyway? Don't forget to chime in with your own pros and cons in the comments section!

1. PRO: We Could Find Out Who The Father Is

I like knowing things. / Netflix
I like knowing things. / Netflix

The main reason for tuning into a Season 2 is pretty obvious. Who the hell is the father of Rory's unborn child? (I'm calling it right now, it's neither Paul nor the Wookiee.) Things are looking pretty good for fans, since Logan was the only guy that Rory had a semi-steady fling with throughout the year. Plus, the timing of their last Life-And-Death-Brigade tryst in the beginning of Fall would make the end-of-season pregnancy right on time.

Then, there are those devoted fans that aren't ready to surrender hope just yet. Jess and Rory didn't so much as kiss throughout the whole revival, but after that longing look Jess throws in Rory's direction at the end, it's 100% obvious that he's still in love with her. This has led some fan theorists to fantasize that they had a secret night of passion somewhere in the revival, although having such important drama unfold off-screen, unbeknownst to the audience has never been the Gilmore way, and seems highly unlikely.

Either way, the uncertainty is painful, and it would be worth watching another 360 minutes just to find out the answer.

2. CON: Those Are The Last Four Words Amy Sherman-Palladino Wanted

Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant. / Netflix
Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant. / Netflix

As much as we may want to know who the father is, we may not be supposed to know. Maybe it's already clear (*cough* Logan *cough*). Maybe it doesn't matter. After all, Amy Sherman-Palladino had always said that those would be the last four words of the series. And you have to hand it to her, it was a pretty original way to go out. While it doesn't give us closure in the traditional sense, there is that whole idea of coming full circle: Rory's life mirroring Lorelei's, for better or for worse. Swapping that ending for one where everyone gets her ideal happily-ever-after doesn't really feel right, does it?

3. PRO: Netflix Would Probably Go For It

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix
Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life / Netflix

At a press meeting of the Television Critics Association in early 2016, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos indicated that Netflix isn't really concerned with the scope of audience that shows bring in, the way traditional networks are:

"We make shows for 2 million viewers and we make shows for 20 million viewers."

Basically, creating content for niche markets like the die-hard Gilmore fans is no big deal, and fits perfectly into Sarandos's overall philosophy for Netflix's content plan:

"Is there too much TV?... We don’t think there’s too much TV. And if there is too much TV, someone else is going to have to slow down, because we have big plans for 2016 and beyond... We are running a global network one that is not easily comparable either in business or cultural terms... We’re not courting advertisers, because we’re not targeting a single demographic."

When you pair that attitude with the massive Netflix budget ($6 billion on content in 2016 alone), they won't exactly need to borrow money off Emily to make Season 2 a reality.

4. CON: No One Wants Another Season If We Can't Have Amy Sherman-Palladino Writing It

It's all just a big pile of bullshit. / Netflix
It's all just a big pile of bullshit. / Netflix

As we all learned from Season 7 — a.k.a. the season that was never supposed to happen — no one can make the Gilmores talk quite like Amy and Daniel. It just doesn't work. People start making cringey proposals all over the place and characters get more irritating and less believable. The actors are still on point, but they say and do things that they never would have done (seriously, Jackson never would have lied to Sookie about getting a vasectomy). And the pacing is so far off you can never really be sure how long any particular storyline is taking. Another season of that would be beyond painful, and best avoided at all costs.

5. PRO: A Long Time Ago, ASP Hinted That She Might Be Down For Infinite Gilmore-ing

The Gilmore Girls Draft / Netflix
The Gilmore Girls Draft / Netflix

In an interview with TV Guide from April of 2006 — the year before Gilmore Girls ended — Amy Sherman-Palladino said this much about the potential life span of Gilmore Girls:

"When you look at 7th Heaven being around for 10 years, there's no reason this show couldn't have gone on for 10 years. You know, if I felt like the show was just this train wreck, if I felt like the actors were sloughing off, if I felt like people were asleep at the wheel, it would've been different. But when you see stuff happening, and when scenes and moments happen that you didn't think could happen before, and when you add a kid like Matt Czuchry to the show and all of a sudden it brings in different layers and different stories and different textures, it's like, it doesn't have to end."

A lot has happened since then, but when you see how on-point the actors still are and how well the show still flows, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to think that the show could go on. If anyone could make it work, it's Amy Sherman-Palladino.


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