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With all the rumors of a potential 2017 Will & Grace revival, fans of the groundbreaking sitcom have been waiting with bated breath for confirmation. Last week Leslie Jordan, who famously portrayed Karen's frenemy Beverley Leslie, said that a 10-episode season had been ordered. Coming just months after a short reunion and election episode, Leslie's claim seemed plausible.

Unfortunately, Debra Messing took to Twitter a few days later to state that Leslie was wrong. With no word one way or the other from the studio, fans are somewhere between a green light and wishful thinking.

As we wait, we can't help but think about the Will & Grace characters we would like to see again. If we do get our wish, here are six guest stars we hope will pop up in an episode or two of the potential ninth season.

1. Val Bassett (Molly Shannon)

No one could possibly forget Will and Grace's crazy neighbor and friend, Val. Making several appearances between 1999 and 2004, Val often incited insane situations, including a brawl or two with Grace. Perhaps she will still be hanging around the laundry room when the show picks up. We can hope!

2. Vince D'Angelo (Bobby Cannavale)


It seems likely that Will's husband would make at least one appearance and we could not be more hopeful. As Will's first successful on-screen relationship and husband, we could not get enough of Bobby Cannavale's goofy and handsome Vince. Though he didn't appear until Season 6, Vince clearly had the staying power none of Will's other prospects did. If we do see him again, we can only hope that their son Ben will be with him.

3. Cher

Perhaps the only thing better than having Cher make a cameo would be seeing Jack with his Cher doll again. Cher brings a magnificence to her scenes that brings out Jack's inner fanboy and it never fails to entertain. Having appeared in two episodes of Will & Grace between 2000 and 2002, Cher could really help turn back time to the the show's glory days.

4. Marilyn Truman (Blythe Danner)


Few characters compare to Will's mother, Marilyn Truman, portrayed by the elegant and refined Blythe Danner. Ever the WASP, Marilyn appeared in 11 episodes drinking often and keeping the gay jokes under control (she doesn't like those). A strong woman with a wonderfully dry sense of humor, Marilyn is certainly a face we miss seeing.

5. Scott Woolley (Jeff Goldblum)


Karen Walker's archenemy Scott Woolley spent his life planning to ruin her, only to realize he loves her. While "The Scotty Mammoth" never did exact revenge or win her heart, he was a hilarious addition to her long list of enemies. Having only appeared in three episodes, we'd certainly love to see Jeff Goldblum bring Scott Woolley back to life again.

6. A Guest Star We Can Only Wish We Could See Again: Bobbi Adler (Debbie Reynolds)


Grace's mother, Bobbi Adler, is one character we sadly can't spend more time with. Portrayed by the late Debbie Reynolds over 10 episodes, Bobbi was a ball of energy that drove Grace crazy when she wasn't performing with the Schenectady Players. If anyone could tie a Will & Grace comeback together, it would have been Bobbi with one more song and a "Told you so" dance.

Which guest stars would you like to see in a Will & Grace revival season? Share in the comments below!


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