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Break out your expensive wine and cuddle up on the couch, honey, because we're going to be seeing much more of our favorite foursome! When the news broke that a revival of the hit sitcom Will & Grace was in the works, fans rightfully broke out in spontaneous jubilation. The groundbreaking TV series featured some of the most hysterical characters from the iconic NBC lineup and from the looks of this most recent news, it seems as though this upcoming revival is doing something right.

During this year's Television Critics Association's summer press tour, announced that the revival has already been renewed for a 13-episode second season. The highly anticipated revival hasn't even aired yet and with the addition of 4 more episodes to the revival's first season (making a total of 16 episodes), the network seemingly has the utmost faith in its Will & Grace's return.

NBC Is Feeling Mighty Confident

NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt, who has seen an incredibly strong 16/17 season due to the success of the acclaimed tear-jerker This Is Us, revealed that the network is feeling "bullish" about how many viewers will tune into the revival. The show is set for a coveted Thursday night time slot sometime in the Fall, a comfortable position for Will & Grace due to previously being a staple of NBC's 'Must See TV Thursday' lineup during its initial series run.

The cast and crew have seemingly shared a lovely bond both on and off screen, with the main four leading actors reuniting for an election-themed reunion as their characters and a musical teaser. In addition to returning stars Debra Messing (Grace), Eric McCormack (Will), Megan Mullally (Karen) and Sean Hayes (Jack), original creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are returning as show runners. TV veteran and executive producer James Burrows, who directed all 194 episodes of the original series, will also return for the revival.

The chemistry between the cast and sharp writing is why fans tune in regardless of how many times we've seen that particular episode - making it the perfect show for a revival. In fact, no matter which episode of Will & Grace is being replayed on TV, I always find myself stopping whatever I'm doing to watch it. It's incredibly encouraging to see virtually everyone involved in the original series returning, allowing Will, Grace, Karen and Jack take on the contemporary age.

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