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Jennifer Geacone-Cruz

A key crew member from Star Wars has been brought in for Guardians of the Galaxy. Brian Muir, who was the prop sculptor responsible for carving the now-iconic Darth Vader mask is now working on-set at Pinewood Studios in London for GotG. According to Bleeding Cool, the Marvel movie is rumored to have a Star Wars flavor to it.


Getting Muir onboard makes a lot of sense, and with the version of GotG that is being bandied about, Star-Lord's mask is very much in the same style as Vader's.

Other notable movie props that Muir has put his artistic talent to are The Ark of the Covenant for Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Space Jockey for the Alien series.

Can you imagine a Guardians of the Galaxy with a bit of a Star Wars look? Join the conversation below.


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