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Claire Temple has been everywhere so far in the Netflix/Marvelverse — she ignored the warning signs and got involved with Daredevil, patched up Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, and is one of Danny Rand's few allies upon his unpopular return to NYC in Iron Fist, premiering this weekend.

So wouldn't it be the ultimate tragic twist if the woman who is Night Nurse in all but name, not to mention the connective tissue between our four heroes, died before they could team up to become ? If their very reason for doing so was to avenge the death of their mutual friend?

That would stab me right in the feels, the kind of emotional gut punch this universe has become quite adept at delivering. So far we really don't know much at all about why Luke, Jessica, Danny and Matt come together, other than the fact that the villain of their series, Alexandra (no surname yet), is an "utter badass" played by the one and only Sigourney Weaver.

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What's Alexandra capable of? [Credit: Netflix]
What's Alexandra capable of? [Credit: Netflix]

Considering that is the only one of the four with even a basic desire to play the hero, though, there has to be a pretty damn good reason for them to come together. If the havoc being wreaked by Fisk wasn't enough and if Kilgrave's mind control couldn't do it, what threat does Weaver's villain present that's grave enough to bring together a quarter of extremely reluctant vigilantes?

The one thing they all have in common is their close relationship with Claire Temple. She's been a friend, lover or reluctant ally to all, and she's also a huge fan favorite, so closing or kicking off The Defenders with her death would massively raise the stakes. Not that I'm endorsing the killing off of Rosario Dawson, who's legit one of the best things about this universe, but in the realm of television, the most painful deaths are often the most effective.

We'll find out if there's anything to this theory when Iron Fist premieres on Netflix this Friday, March 17.

How would you feel about the death of Claire Temple being the reason for The Defenders' very existence?


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