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It's no secret that Marvel likes to ambush us with shocking post-credits scenes, like Thanos's surprise appearance at the end of The Avengers. According to Comic Book Movie, Iron Man 3 will be following suit.

What references could we be seeing in the movie? Could it be Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers: Age Of Ultron or indeed Guardians of the Galaxy?

I have a strong feeling about those pesky Guardians. Tony Stark could be heading out into space to meet Groot (the giant tree man), Rocket Raccoon (the animal with a knack for explosives who can also blow you away with his sense of humor), Gamora (the adopted daughter of Thanos who now wants to destroy him) and the rest of their gang. Or, perhaps, several of the Guardians visit the armored Avenger on Earth. The fact that Iron Man joined the team in the new Guardians comic certainly supports this theory, too.

However, Ant-Man director is being all kinds of shady about things and has just revealed on Twitter he'll "direct one shot" in a summer movie. Here's the evidence:

Does that mean that we'll be seeing the recently unveiled Ant-Man? We certainly hope it's that way. Is Wright just messing with us? Who knows? I'm getting some shawarma and having a think.

Iron Man 3 hits on May 3rd.


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