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Poor old Elena, well actually maybe we should be saying poor old Jeremy. The last episode of The Vampire Diaries ended with Jeremy's life hanging in the balance. But as Elena's only remaining family member, his potential demise is no doubt going to hit her hard. , who plays Elena, recently caught up with Perez Hilton to give the low-down on the future episodes. Obviously, if you do not want to know what's in store for Jeremy or Elena, you should stop reading now.

Although many fans might be hoping for a last minute rescue of Jeremy, that's starting to look unlikely. While discussing her onscreen brother, Dobrev spoke in terms which suggested Jeremy is almost certainly for the chop. She said:

Jeremy was the last person she had left, so it's very likely that Elena could go off the deep end now that she doesn't have the one thing that kept her human … [I]n this case, she couldn't protect Jeremy and lost the only family member she had left. She won't take it lightly. It's going to destroy her.

We have been somewhat expecting this. A few weeks ago Dobrev explained Elena would be taking an emotional battering this season. Was it Jeremy's death that she was referring to? She continued:

She goes off the deep end and spirals downwards into a black hole of death and sadness and misery. I mean, your instinct is right when you asked if we'll see an Elena who embraces her vampire side to a different degree. It's an Elena we haven't seen before, and you'll be shocked, quite frankly.

What do you think this will do to Elena? How will she recover from it? Give us your opinions below.


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