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This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3, Episode 18 "Abra Kadabra."

This season on The Flash, the scarlet speedster has been going out of his way to figure out how to stop Savitar. And with good reason — not only is the villainous speedster the God of Speed, he is the one who murders Barry's soulmate in the future. None of us have forgotten that haunting image of the monstrous Savitar plunging his blade through Iris, and you can rest assured that Barry hasn't either.

The big bad also informed Barry that one of his close friends will betray him, one will fall and one will suffer a fate far worse than death. So it seems that even if Barry does defeat Savitar and fate itself by saving Iris, that another character will inevitably die.

While Barry will stop at nothing to save Iris, he's not the only one who will go to these great lengths to protect her. Among the countless others who love Iris, there is one other person who would risk it all to save her — her father, Joe West. With that in mind, we must consider the possibility of Joe being the one that Savitar kills.

Joe Is Desperate To Keep Iris Safe

As the most recent episode of The Flash revealed, Joe is terrified of losing his daughter. Visibly shaken, he confessed his feelings of helplessness to her, commenting on how he was haunted by the thought of losing her.

Iris comforts her father as he's terrified of losing her. [Credit: The CW]
Iris comforts her father as he's terrified of losing her. [Credit: The CW]

Remember, Joe was the last to find out, because the team knew exactly how hard the revelation would hit him — and they were right. Without having as much time to process it as the rest of the team, Joe has arguably had the hardest time coming to terms with the possible future without Iris.

However, his feeling of helplessness may be exactly what forces him to protect his daughter. As Joe has exhibited on many occasions, his love for Iris knows no bounds. Remember how tough he was on Eddie Thawne when he discovered that his partner was dating her?

So he definitely won't hesitate at the thought of confronting Savitar, especially if it saves Iris' life. This wouldn't be the first time a parent in the sacrificed themselves to save their children — Moira Queen did the same thing on when she stood up to Deathstroke and saved her daughter's life. Could Joe end up sacrificing himself to save Iris?

Joe would do anything for Iris. [Credit: The CW]
Joe would do anything for Iris. [Credit: The CW]

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He Is The Last Parental Figure Left On The Show

This is actually one of the reasons I hope Joe doesn't meet his end at the hands of Savitar. Throughout the first two seasons, we were introduced to characters like Nora and Henry Allen, Earth-1's Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne and even Harry (Earth-2 Wells). All of these characters at one point or another were parental figures for Barry.

But since Season 3 began, all of them are gone. That makes Joe West the final remaining parental figure on the show.

Joe is the last remaining father figure in Barry's life. [Credit: The CW]
Joe is the last remaining father figure in Barry's life. [Credit: The CW]

And nothing can hurt like taking their parents from them — something Reverse-Flash and Zoom have already done to Barry (and Deathstroke did to Oliver on Arrow). Could Savitar abandon his quest to kill Iris, or just simply reset it?

Personally, I hope it isn't Joe, because at its heart, The Flash is a familial show, and this season has already been lacking greatly in family ties; taking Joe away would doom next season to an even worse fate. Taking out an element as crucial as family when it's such an important aspect of the show isn't always a wise choice — Arrow never really recovered after losing Moira, and it wasn't even a family show to begin with.

And 'The Flash' needs you, Joe West! [Credit: The CW]
And 'The Flash' needs you, Joe West! [Credit: The CW]

Taking Barry's parents away from him seems to be a running theme of the finales. While his mother Nora had already died during his childhood, his time-traveling return to the night she died ended up causing him to lose her all over again in the Season 1 finale. Meanwhile he lost his father Henry Allen in the Season 2 finale. Could Barry lose his final parental figure in the Season 3 finale?

Savitar is intent on killing Iris, and should Team Flash end up saving her, it's likely that the villainous speedster will exact revenge. However, it wouldn't be surprising if Joe voluntarily sacrifices himself to save his daughter's life, going head to head with the unstoppable monster. But no matter what happens in the season finale, everything will change.

The only question is: will Joe be around to see it?

Do you think Joe West will be the one to fall by Savitar's hand? Let us know in the comments below!


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