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In less than two months, comic book fans will finally be able to see their favorite DC heroes unite in Justice League. The release of this film and how it performs both critically and at the box office will have a huge impact on future plans for the DC Extended Universe. Fortunately, it looks like the odds are with Warner Bros, because the film is expected to have a gigantic opening weekend.

Justice League Is On Track for $150M Opening Weekend

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros]

A report from indicates Justice League might bring in a load of cash in its opening weekend. The report states that the film will gross $150 million just in its opening weekend. It also says that Justice League will end up grossing $330 million in the US at the end of its run.

The report also pointed out the things in Justice League's favor for performing well at the box office along with a few things that could hurt it in the long run. The pros were listed as the following:

Justice League (Warner Bros.) will unite key heroes from the DC universe with the promise of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and (presumably) Superman joining forces in their first film as a collective group. The previous DC universe films have generated major financial success thus far, although only Wonder Woman has enjoyed both box office supremacy and critical + audience adoration. The latter’s goodwill — on top of the fact that Batman is still one of the most bankable icons in film history — could allow some audiences to give League the benefit of the doubt. Fans are also very curious about what kind of influence Joss Whedon (The Avengers) will have had on the finished product since Zack Snyder stepped down during production following a family tragedy.

These are all valid points that could lead Justice League to the one billion mark at the box office. On top of that, the trailers and marketing have been excellent, making this blockbuster look like it will be an entertaining time at the cinema. However, do general audiences still have a sour taste in their mouths from ? Here are the disadvantages Justice League has going against it:

It’s no secret that Batman v Superman was received poorly by many fans, and that will be Justice League‘s biggest obstacle to overcome as the spiritual sequel to that film. In addition, opening in the third weekend of Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok could present even more challenges since this is the shortest competitive window in which DC and Marvel tentpoles have attempted to compete within against each another. As such, reviews and early fan reactions will be crucial to Justice League‘s long term prospects.

Personally, I think the thing that will set Justice League apart from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's box office performance is a positive word of mouth from both critics and fans. If the superhero team-up flick is as divisive as its predecessor, its numbers will line up with Batman v Superman, which is what this report might be suggesting.

Will Justice League End Up Having A Similar Box Office Run To Batman v Superman?

'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Box Office Mojo]
'Batman v Superman' [Credit: Box Office Mojo]

As you can see above, Batman v Superman's total domestic gross was $330 million, which is what Justice League is supposed to make, even with a lower opening weekend. Given that, does this mean Justice League will underperform? I don't think so, and there are a couple of reason why.

First of all, these projections always aim a little low. In comparison, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was forecast to make $154 million in its opening weekend and it brought in an extra 12 million dollars. Also, was predicted to gross $98 million and it blew that number out of the water by bringing in $133 million its opening weekend. It's also worth mentioning that these predictions were made before the mixed reviews were released, and both movies still exceeded expectations. Given that, if Justice League has a positive set of reviews, it will probably make a lot more than $150 million.

Secondly, these predictions don't count the international total. Justice League could make a little bit more than Dawn of Justice domestically, but considering its massive marketing overseas, Justice League could easily pass the 1 billion dollar mark thanks to international numbers.

Last but not least, Warner Bros is in a much better financial position, making Justice League a much lower risk than Batman v Superman. 2017 has been an amazing year for Warner Bros with big and recent box office hits such as , Dunkirk and especially IT. Also, while the official budget hasn't been confirmed, I seriously doubt that Warner Bros would invest another 250 million dollars in a movie after Batman v Superman.

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros]

All in all, if Justice League is able to please the majority of fans and critics, it's bound to be a financial smash. While a huge opening box office weekend is inevitable, the second weekend is where it will really matter. Hopefully, this blockbuster won't have a 66 percent drop and will continue to have legs until the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in December.

What do YOU guys think? How will Justice League perform at the box office? Discuss below!

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