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We were alerted to the fact that Kelor the Kryptonian Service Robot could be appearing in 's Man of Steel when we saw Kelor's name appear on the movie's IMDb, played by an actress named . Now, some additional information has come to light concerning Kelor's inclusion in the movie.

The new Man Of Steel: Inside the Legendary World of Superman book has been posted on Amazon, featuring concept art, stills from the movie, and biographies of certain characters including Lois Lane, Zod, and our very own Last Son of Krypton. Standard. But if take a closer look at the book's cover, you might notice someone else:

Yep! The first image appears to be a piece of art that shows a robot standing behind either Superman of Jor-El. Does this make it official?

Find out when Man of Steel hits theaters June 14th.


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