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Young Justice was cancelled back in 2013, but that did not stop fans from fighting for the show to return for a third series. With endless petitions and protests the fans succeeded and a third series was confirmed nearly four years later. One of the biggest questions remaining from the series cancellation is: Did Wally West really die or did he enter the Speed Force?

Fans watched as Wally paid the ultimate price to being a hero. Sacrificing himself to save the world, he passed his goodbyes onto and vanished from the battle. This left Artemis heartbroken as her true love was gone and left a massive hole in the hearts of the entire team. Perhaps the saddest moment was Artemis turning up on the doorstep of the Wests and without needing to say a word — they knew the sad news she has come to deliver to them.

With a third season now on the way, what does this mean for Wally and the Team? Well, Jason Spisak (who voiced the character) has teased the character could be set to return in a recent tweet:

Jason Spisak's Tweet
Jason Spisak's Tweet

Spisak is set to reprise the role in the upcoming animated film , along with teasing the character could be set to return in Young Justice.

In addition to Jason, Masasa Moyo and Crispin Freeman are also set to reprise their roles of Bumblebee and Speedy in the film, making a small Young Justice reunion in the film. All-in-all, the film will certainly do well with fans as they hear the voices of the beloved Young Justice characters once again, and for now we have a hint that Wally is set to return in Season 3. But how?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

In the comics, the Speed Force is how the majority of the speedsters in acquire their superhuman abilities. An extra-dimensional energy that has physical manifestation for those effected by its energy, it is a dimensional plane of existence outside of the majority of character's abilities to visit. With Young Justice having never mentioned the Speed Force, it is highly likely Wally's death scene was actually the show's first reference to this primal energy force. If have had this planned, it could indicate evil speedsters are set to become a part of the team's next season, as Young Justice has not utilized many of the Flash-based antagonists. Also, with Impulse still on the team they have a hero that can go into the Speed Force and find their lost comrade for rescue.

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