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Note: This article contains spoilers from The Flash Season 3.

This season of has seen a very desperate team of pull out all the stops against the "God of Speed" Savitar. Learning that Savitar is the Future Flash provided Barry Allen with new ideas to take the villain down, but it also solidified the fact that Savitar has lived it all before, which makes stopping him next to impossible.

However, the most recent episode may have just revealed the solution to the Savitar problem: his very own partner, Killer Frost, whose icy burn he may not see coming.

Caitlin Is Still In There

Caitlin Snow has been a mainstay on The Flash since the beginning. Her infectious smile and kind heart quickly made her one of the show's most adored characters. And although many of us knew about her icy comic book destiny, we thought the show had cleverly avoided it by introducing Earth-2's Killer Frost in Season 2. However, thanks to Flashpoint, Earth-1's Caitlin has suffered the same cold fate.

While Killer Frost has completely taken over Caitlin and aligned herself with Savitar, "Cause and Effect" suggested that the Team Flash member we all know and love is still in there. On the surface, it may seem like she is more loyal to Savitar than ever, but the episode showed Killer Frost to be more human than meta.

While she worked with Team Flash to get Barry's memory back — which would in turn retrieve Savitar's memories as well — Cisco reminisced about better days in an attempt to break through her cold exterior. He even brought up her dead husband Ronnie. And in a brief but touching moment, Caitlin broke through, finishing Cisco's memory for him. Moreover, while she would later claim that she didn't love Julian and never loved any of Team Flash, her icy blue eyes would subsequently fade, suggesting that her time with her former teammates was reminding her who she really was.

While she may have went above and beyond to save Savitar's memories, Killer Frost left S.T.A.R. Labs more Caitlin than she went in. And it'll be a cold day in hell before Caitlin lets anybody hurt her friends.

Why Killer Frost Could Defeat Savitar

Savitar's origins were revealed to us by the "God of Speed" himself when he told Barry that he was a time remnant from the future, betrayed by his own time's Team Flash in favor of Emo Barry. This confirmed the shocking truth — he knows everything Team Flash will attempt to do in order to stop him, because he already lived it. He's well aware of everything Barry will try because The Flash's present is Savitar's past.

However, that's where Killer Frost comes in. She had previously made her allegiances very clear by shunning Team Flash. And due to this, they have no idea what's going on in her head. But if her recent interactions with her former friends did indeed remind her how much she loves them, she may just step in at the last minute to save them. But since she severed all ties to Barry and the team, they won't know what she's planning. And that could prove to be their greatest advantage — as this week's episode proved, Barry's ignorance leads to Savitar's ignorance.

Thus, if Caitlin does indeed save Team Flash and betray Savitar, it would be a blow that not even the all-powerful "God of Speed" would see coming. And as we have seen before, even Savitar himself briefly succumbs to Killer Frost's powers.

Caitlin is still in there. [Credit: The CW]
Caitlin is still in there. [Credit: The CW]

Caitlin may have been unable to stop the frosty monster within from overtaking her body this season, but that doesn't mean she ever stopped fighting. As we saw this week, she's still very much alive and well within Killer Frost. If Cisco and Team Flash managed to draw her out once, chances are the thought of losing any member of the team to Savitar will do the same again. And now that she's no longer a part of Team Flash, she may end up becoming their saving grace.

If Barry is unaware of Killer Frost's change of heart, then so is Savitar. Thus, while this episode may have initially looked like a filler, it could have ended up showing Caitlin how to take down Savitar, and the answer is simple — keep Team Flash in the dark.


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