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With the first King Kong film in 12 years about to hit screens, action junkies everywhere are on the edge of their seats as they welcome back the colossal ape for his first outing in the latest reboot of the Kong series, Kong: Skull Island.

Not only is Kong: Skull Island the first film in the new reboot, but it's also the second film to be a part of Legendary Studios recently created MonsterVerse, a franchise centered around some of the most fearsome monsters in film. So with this new film being part of a franchise, it begs the question; will Kong: Skull Island get a sequel? Well, fortunately giant ape fans the answer is yes!

Along with King Kong, so far the only other monster in the franchise is Godzilla, who is scheduled to get a follow up to the 2014 film in 2019 with Godzilla King of the Monsters. However, in 2020 the sequel to Kong: Skull Island will be released when the two monsters collide in Godzilla vs. Kong.

What a showdown.

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[Credit: Legendary]
[Credit: Legendary]

Though we know that Kong will reappear in the 2020 sequel, facing off against Godzilla, not much else is currently known about the film. It will be particularly interesting to see how the film plans to bring the two monsters together, seeing as Kong: Skull Island is set in the 1970s while Godzilla was set in present day.

For the meantime though, we'll just have to watch Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla: King of the Monsters and while away the time until we see these two beasts battle it out.

Kong: Skull Island will be released in cinemas on March 10


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