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Sophie Atkinson

The latest venture from dream team, and , The Wolf of Wall Street, won't be ready for its scheduled Nov. 15 release, which could mean it wouldn't qualify for this year’s Oscar race.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Scorsese's cut of the film so far is a massive 180 minutes long and that he's currently in discussions with his producers as how to seriously cut down the running time of the movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a star-studded affair, boasting A-list talent like , and a rare outing from Being John Malkovich helmer in front of the camera. As such, it's no surprise that Scorsese had his heart set on an Oscar win for the production – something he'd have to complete the film by Christmas to achieve.

If the pro director could achieve this, Paramount will push back the opening of 's Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit from the much-coveted Christmas Day slot to January 17 and would give The Wolf of Wall Street December 25, The Hollywood Reporter claims.

The Wolf of Wall Street is an adaptation based on former broker Jordan Belfort's dramatic best-selling memoir, which chronicles the broker's meteoric rise to wealth via illegal methods and his reliance on Quaaludes and prostitutes to function.

The memoir itself has performed astonishingly, and along with its follow up, Catching The Wolf of Wall Street, has been published in approximately forty countries and translated into eighteen languages.


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