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The first trailer for Thor: Ragnarok has left fans reeling. In just the first 25 seconds, we watch with awe as Hela catches Mjolnir in her outstretched hand — and breaks it. A weaponless Thor is then cast aside, left stranded on the world of Sakaar, where he soon ends up forced to battle in the arena. How can the God of Thunder get out of this?

Will Loki Come To Thor's Aid?

Loki and the Grandmaster. [Credit: Marvel Studios]
Loki and the Grandmaster. [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Thor: The Dark World saw a change in fortunes for 's Loki. Believed dead, the God of Mischief stole his way into Asgard, and somehow took his father's place. However, we know from the post-credits-scene for Doctor Strange that will somehow end up working with Thor to find his missing father. Has the first trailer for Ragnarok just explained his character's journey?

The promo in question provides us with a glimpse of Hela's breathtaking power, as she unleashes blasts of fire and ash across Asgard, pyroclastic flows that tear through the city. Sure, it's possible that Odin could have stood against her, but Loki? Not a chance. I'm wondering if, with Thor missing, Loki ventures out in pursuit of his brother, hoping to find an ally against Hela. If that's the case, then Loki's quest will undoubtedly take him to Sakaar, where he winds up on the Grandmaster's sofa.

An Ironic Twist for Poor Loki

Isn't it ironic? As we saw in , Loki has longed to take his father's throne for hundreds of years. Having finally achieved that goal, albeit through trickery, what's the first thing that he has to face? A power so vast, a threat so immeasurably dangerous, that Loki is forced to realize one simple truth — He can't handle it. And so, if I'm right, his first thought would be to seek out the man he hates (and loves) more than any other, his rival for the throne, Thor himself.

Of course the silver-tongued Loki wouldn't wind up in the arena with his brother (although wouldn't that have been a fun twist?). Instead, the God of Mischief becomes the guest of honor on Sakaar, seated on the Grandmaster's couch, watching as his brother takes on the Hulk. I can't help but suspect that he's the one who will free Thor from the arena using his quick wits and manipulations. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up stabbing a few people in the back, too...

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Of course, Loki looks set to play a major role in Thor: Ragnarok. If I'm right though, the God of Mischief is about to be humbled by the power of Hela. Unfortunately for Loki, he took the throne just in time for the fall of Asgard — and now he'll need all the help he can get to save that throne...


Do you think that Loki will free Thor from the Arena?

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