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Note: This article contains spoilers for The Defenders.

Ever since Matt Murdock appeared in his very own Netflix series, speculations were rife regarding the show's crossover with the already established MCU. Two years later, the growing menace of the Hand has brought together the likes of Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Daredevil, but the big-screen events are still confined to mere name drops and Easter Eggs.

As the catastrophic events of The Defenders significantly increased the body count and smashed furniture all over New York, it might've led fans to believe that a fellow member of the Avengers will drop by to save the day. Although that didn't happen through the course of the show, viewers shouldn't be left disappointed, because the collateral damage involving Misty Knight might finally catch Tony Stark's attention.

What Happened To Misty Knight In The Defenders?

'The Defenders' [Credit: Marvel/Netflix]
'The Defenders' [Credit: Marvel/Netflix]

After making her debut appearance in Marvel/Netflix's Luke Cage, Simone Missick reprised her role as Misty Knight in The Defenders. While her job at Harlem was confined to the criminal activities of Cottonmouth, Mariah Dillard and Diamondback, Misty found herself in the middle of the mystical events orchestrated by the Hand.

Due to Luke Cage and Misty's friendship from their time at Harlem, the N.Y.P.D. officer was tasked with providing safe refuge to the Defenders' friends at her precinct. After things went south for the team when they faced-off with Elektra, the Defenders ended up at Misty's station, with the exception of Danny Rand.

Fearing that they'll lose Rand while they discuss the legal ramifications of their actions, the Defenders decided to escape from the police station and continue their attempts to stop the destruction of New York. As Misty was hellbent on getting to the bottom of their actions, she followed them to Midland Circle - where she realized what would happen if the Defenders fail to stop the Hand.

Although Misty initially agreed to stay outside the building and prevent the police from hindering the Defenders' work, she ultimately barged in without backup and found herself face-to-face with Bakuto. Unable to match up to Bakuto's swordsmanship, Misty unfortunately ended up losing her arm after trying to save Claire Temple from being decapitated - thus setting her comic book origin story into motion.

How Does Misty Knight Bring Tony Stark Into The Picture?

Misty Knight's comic book debut dates back to 1975 in Issue 21 of Marvel Premiere, where she appeared alongside Iron Fist. Although she didn't possess a bionic arm yet, Knight was able to hold her own against the Iron Fist and showcase her martial arts. After disappearing from the limelight for four more issues, she made her second appearance in the ongoing series, which is where the writers hinted at the connection between Iron Man and Misty when Tony Stark personally recognized her.

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Knowing that simply hinting at Iron Man and Misty Knight's personal connection won't satisfy readers, comics eventually pitted Knight and Rand against a Ravager, where she sustained serious injuries, thus revealing that she possessed a bionic arm.

While this clarified the mystery around her unnatural strength, it wasn't until the 1986 Marvel Official Handbook where Misty's biography informed readers about the true origins of her prosthetic limb:

Later, she saw terrorists throw a bomb into a bank. She seized the bomb, but before she could throw into a safe place, it exploded. Her right arm had to be amputated, and it was replaced with a bionic steel arm designed at Stark International. Due to her injury, Knight had to retire from active duty as a policewoman, and rather than accept a desk with the police department, she resigned.

Although the show has taken certain liberties with their characters' origin stories, Knight losing her hand to Bakuto is quite similar to her accident in the comics. Considering how the show has loose tie-ins with the , this is the perfect opportunity to introduce Tony Stark and his resources. So far, the events of The Defenders has set up a potential opportunity for Stark to swing by Rand's personal hospital and gift Misty Knight a bionic arm as a token of appreciation for her bravery - just like in the comics.

The Defenders' united showdown with the Hand has unearthed a dragon skeleton and brought down a building in the middle of New York, so the team's recent exploits are bound to turn some heads over at the Avengers' camp. While Tony Stark's Damage Control can certainly take care of the city, it remains to be seen whether he himself will make an appearance to give Misty her bionic arm, or whether he'll simply send Happy Hogan instead.

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