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With our Moviepilot Wonder Woman Fantasy Fan-Casting launching yesterday, the speculation about who will land the coveted role of the Wonder Woman has been flying fast. As the third point of the triangle that arguably holds DC up (the other two being Batman and Superman, naturally), the role is going to be heavily courted by any number of actresses, all duking it out to be the next woman to wield the Lasso of Truth.

But according to Schmoes Know, which has broken several stories as of late, their reliable source known only as "The Phantom" tells them that Ukranian beauty is testing for the Wonder Woman role. Again, this same source has been proven right on various scoops over the past month, so while it's always smart to take rumors with a grain of salt, there may be more a more legit rumor than normal.

While most might just see a pretty face, she has some real action experience under her belt: As a former Bond girl, she was an equal match to in Quantum of Solace, held her own again opposite in this year's Oblivion, and will be seen as the tough-as-nails Headmistress Kirova in the upcoming Vampire Academy. But honestly, the film under her belt that makes me most secure with her casting if she does land the role is her turn as the wild Pict tracker Etain in Centurion, a seriously asskicking role driven by vengeance that was all the more impressive that, due to her character's tongue having been cut out, it was entirely without dialogue.

What I'm saying is, if she were officially cast, I'd be completely okay with that choice.

What about you? Love this choice? Hate it? Let me know.

Author's Edit: There seems to be a recurring complaint that she's too thin to play Wonder Woman. Keep in mind, so were every single one of the men previously cast in superhero roles before they hit the gym.

(Source: Schmoes Know)

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