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Note: This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

is a hot-button topic for fans. Some are vehemently against the pair while others are wholeheartedly dedicated to wanting the couple back together. Regardless of which side of the fence you're on, there was a lot of anger — and unanswered questions — about the relationship that went off the skids toward the end of Season 4.

Tonight's episode of Arrow not only opened the door but welcomed the elephant into the room, allowing Oliver and Felicity to confront the demons of their past, giving fans some closure. In a series of flashbacks, the episode took us back 11 months to a time when Oliver and Felicity had a brief dalliance in the bunker, a mini-reunion that promised the couple would talk when the time was right. There was no better time than being trapped together while running out of oxygen.

In what was possibly the most honest Oliver had been to Felicity in years, he shared the real reason he didn't want her to become like him: because he likes to kill. Felicity's belief in him remained steadfast, and she didn't accept for a second that Oliver was a killer at heart.

Though many fans might be cringing at the thought of a possible reunion for this couple, there are reasons why an pairing makes sense, and there are ways that it could work without being too over the top.

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A Relationship Outside The Team Is Impossible

Three relationships have gone down the drain this season because of secrets necessary to keep safe: Oliver and Susan couldn't keep their romance going once Thea intervened; Felicity's brief romance with Billy Malone was cut short thanks to ' setup; and Curtis' husband, Paul, didn't like the idea of his husband being in danger and lying to him.

Does that mean the vigilantes shouldn't have love in their lives? Are superheroes not allowed to have the happiness that comes from a connection with someone who loves them unconditionally?

Oliver And Felicity Have Gone Through Hell And Back Together

Few couples could survive what Oliver and Felicity have battled in one season, let alone five. Yet, the love between them remains. And even though this show is about darkness and battles, it's also about hope and holding onto the things that matter the most.

While Season 4 focused strongly on the romance in the first few episodes, the writers were building up to a big breakup. So it's understandable they would have wanted to cement the connection between Oliver and Felicity. With the lack of trust out of the way and all secrets erased, a normal relationship could unfold, much like what Iris and Barry have on .

Even Superhero Shows Need A Sense Of Normalcy

Few shows focus on straight action without allowing the characters to have some down moments or moments to grow. As many battles as Oliver fights with his team, he needs to be able to take a breather. A sense of normalcy includes relationships outside of the bunker. It includes laughter, love and even arguments like Diggle and Lyla had in this week's episode.

With the flashbacks ending next season, the writers will have an additional eight minutes for character building and subplots that will enhance the series. As much as we like the fight scenes, we have to learn more about the characters in order to continue caring about them as a whole. If we didn't know about Oliver's past, would we understand him the way we do and care about his story?

Whether or not tonight's episode results in a reunion between Felicity and Oliver, there has to be some happiness that is about more than just the battles won. People need personal happiness — and usually, that comes with a connection outside of work.

Do you think Felicity and Oliver will reunite? Let me know in the comments below!


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