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Eszter Simor

The Stand was left without a director again, when left the project last week due to creative differences (after taking over from , who took over from .) Now the battle is still on for the adaptation of 's apocalyptic novel and sources report that Warner Bros has someone "on the top of their wishlist" for the director chair.

According to ComicBookMovie, Warnes Bros is still determined to get the big screen adaptation in production and now is rumoured to be the studios top choice to helm the project.

Bourne-director Greengrass, mostly known for his real life dramatizations and shaky hand camera style, would certainly be an interesting choice, since he has no experience in the fantasy territory. On the other hand, he really knows how to build tension, as he proved it with Captain Phillips this year, and adapting the Stephen King classic would not be an easy task for anybody: the story of the destruction of humanity (a deadly virus kills 99,4% of the population and the survivors form two different groups) is 1,141 pages long, filled with religious themes and supernatural characters.

(via ComicBookMovie)

How do you think Greengrass would tackle this task? Is he on the top of your wishlist to direct the horror epic, or would you favour someone more fantasy-oriented?


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