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Earlier this week, Stephen Amell teased that a certain character would cameo in the Season 5 finale — one that was not shown on any of the trailers or promo images. Many fan speculated that it would either be Roy Harper, Tommy Merlyn or possibly Moira Queen.

Personally, I have my doubts that Roy Harper would return in the finale. Also, while Moira would be great to see again, I don't understand why she would appear instead of Robert. The finale will allegedly end with Oliver Queen looking out from Lian Yu, ready to see the boat again.

Tommy Merlyn would definitely make a great cameo because the actor has been tied up with Chicago Med so he has not been able to return, even during Arrow's 100th episode. Considering the speculation that Malcolm Merlyn may die in the finale (hopefully this doesn't happen), Tommy Merlyn certainly does seem like a strong possibility.

We've Seen All But Ra's

If Tommy does not return, then another strong possibility is Ra's al Ghul. Obviously, he is currently dead (unless resurrected him, which is certainly possible), but considering the fight that is set to go down between Nyssa and Talia al Ghul, Ra's might cameo in a flashback. He has been mentioned quite a bit throughout Season 5, but he has never appeared.

The focus of the episode will likely be on Oliver Queen. I suspect that Adrian Chase brought everyone to Lian Yu to show them what he did there. Maybe Oliver slayed Kovar much more gruesomely in the final flashback battle than he did his other victims. While the focus of the finale will presumably be on that, a Ra's cameo could still provide very important context. It could help explain why Talia and Nyssa decided to take different paths and why they both had different reactions to his death.

He might as well appear. I mean, we have seen all five of the Arrow Big Bads on the Arrowverse this year except Ra's. Damien Darhk was on Legends of Tomorrow and he also appeared in Invasion. Merlyn and Deathstroke have already made appearances on Arrow Season 5, so Ra's al Ghul is the only one left that hasn't.

If the cameo is more exciting than Deathstroke's cameo, it's hard to image who else it could be. Let us know your thoughts down in the comment sections below.


Who do you think the special cameo will be?


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