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Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Walking Dead Season 7.

The Walking Dead has put its fans through an emotional rollercoaster this season beginning with the brutal death of Glenn and Abraham back in in the seventh season premiere. After that, the group went their separate ways and the show explored several locations at once including the Hilltop, the Kingdom, the Savior's sanctuary and, of course, Alexandria.

Now, the group has reunited with one core mission — to take out Negan, the villainous tyrant who took over their lives, killed their friends and humiliated Daryl. With Rick leading the pack, the team are taking their mission very seriously and after procuring some firepower in the last episode, they are well on their way.

However, the group hit a fork in the road when King Ezekiel — the powerful ruler of the Kingdom — turned down Ricks offer to join their team. This is a rather large setback because, after spending the night at the Kingdom, it became obvious that this settlement has enough people to make an army capable of taking out the Saviors. Moreover, according to the almighty Jesus, the people of The Kingdom can fight.

However, we know Rick Grimes and he isn't one to give up — with Daryl hiding out at the Kingdom maybe he will be able to get the King to reconsider. Either way, we know that Ezekiel will have to join them because Negan's reign of terror needs to come to an end. But what will it take for the king to reconsider?

Will Daryl Change Ezekiel's Mind?

Will Daryl have more luck with Ezekiel? [Credit: AMC]
Will Daryl have more luck with Ezekiel? [Credit: AMC]

After Jesus broke Daryl out of Negan's captivity, it became apparent that the bike riding warrior was going to have to go on the run. The mid-season premiere saw Ezekiel soften his declination of Rick's offer by taking Daryl under his protection, allowing him to stay at the Kingdom. Before Rick departed, he asked Daryl to work on Ezekiel.

Ezekiel and Daryl are the polar opposite of each other — Daryl isn't much of a talker so changing Ezekiel's mind may prove diffcult. Having said that, Daryl has been through the worst kind of torture and perhaps he will be able to use his experience to convey to Ezekiel just why Negan is a threat that needs to be extinguished.

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Will Tragedy Strike For The King?

Will King Ezekiel find out first hand what Negan is capable of? [Credit: AMC]
Will King Ezekiel find out first hand what Negan is capable of? [Credit: AMC]

I get the impression that once King Ezekiel has made up his royal mind, there is very little anyone can do to change it. With that in mind, there's not much that Rick and his friends can do to change his mind then, is there? If Ezekiel does reconsider it'll likely be because of something that happens to him or his Kingdom. Out of all of the nearby settlements it appears that The Kingdom is the most serene, peaceful and the least of Negan's worries — for now.

Ezekiel said it himself, the Saviors aren't allowed inside the Kingdom's walls. But as Daryl pointed out, that won't last long and he's right. Control is the most important thing to the Saviors and Negan and at the moment, they have very little power at the Kingdom.

If the Saviors find out that Daryl is hiding out at the Kingdom then there is nothing stopping Negan from making an example of someone close to the King. Perhaps Negan will take out Benjamin — Ezekiel's young confidante and friend? Ezekiel believes in peace but he fails to realize that there can be no peace with Negan around but in order for him to see things from Rick's point of view then he may have to experience tragedy for himself.

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With the people of Alexandria and the people of the Hilltop colony united the only thing left is for Ezekiel and the Kingdom to join in on the action. Without the people of the Kingdom, Rick and the gang don't stand a chance at taking out the devilish Negan but there's no way Ezekiel will resist forever. There may be a tragedy coming for the King or maybe he'll simply have a change of heart — either way, his presence is needed to exact revenge on the Saviors and Negan.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/8c on AMC. Do you think Ezekiel will suffer at the hands of Negan before he reconsiders Rick's offer? Tell me in the comment section below.


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