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will turn 23 on April 9th, and while I seethe with anger that someone younger than me can be so much more successful, her friends are all getting excited for the inevitable big bash.

One friend has perhaps got more excited than anyone else. So excited in fact, they decided to get in touch with Hollywood Life and drop all the gossip on what Kristen wants for her birthday. Apparently at the top of her list is a new pet. The source explained:

As far as gifts are concerned, she doesn't want anything because she feels like she already has everything. Spending time with Rob is the best birthday present for her. If she were to want a gift from Rob, it would be another rescue dog. Another friend for Bear and Bernie... another member of the family.

There's no word yet on what Rob will give her, but this certainly gives him paws for thought. Of course, there also still speculation about the state of their relationship. Are they planning to move back in together, or is Kristen still in the dog-house? The source had an opinion on that too:

Rob would never put that kind of pressure on things right now. Plus, he's still making Kristen prove herself. She's being so sweet to him and working so hard to make him happy. It used to be the other way around completely, so Rob's loving the change. Plus, Rob's really focused on work right now. He's going to be all over the place for the next while. His career is his priority, not shopping for a house!

What do you think? Does Kristen deserve her dream present, or is she barking up the wrong tree? Let me know below.


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