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The Cannes Film Festival is one of the classiest events in the film community, and celebrities from all over the globe come together to celebrate the art of filmmaking. Like any celebrity event, there are tons of photo opps, where celebrities put on their best outfits and pose for the cameras.

At one of the events at Cannes, Paris Hilton and actor Chris Zylka (The Leftovers) were posing for a photo when something unusual happened. The couple had an unexpected encounter with the Fresh Prince himself, as Will Smith photobombed their otherwise lovely photo opp.

Will Smith Photobombs Paris Hilton

took to her Instagram account to share a photo with her 7 million followers, and fans were delighted by the candid snap. Mr. Smith apparently did not move fast enough, and he almost eclipses the couple. Smith’s face is priceless; it looks like he's straining with effort to quickly get out of the frame. Most photobombs result in a picture being ruined; however, Will Smith’s appearance makes the photo that much better.

The Fresh Prince Of Cannes

Will Smith owned the Cannes Film Festival this year, and reminded us all how he earned his A-List status. Smith photobombing Paris Hilton was great, but it was only the beginning. As one of the Cannes jury members, Will Smith accepted a 70th Anniversary Jury Prize on behalf of Nicole Kidman, who was not in attendance.

Smith brilliantly imitated Kidman, in a move which showcased his renowned charm and charisma. Prior to his display of wit on stage at Cannes, he also posed for photos with fellow Cannes Jury member Jessica Chastain, about which one Twitter user commented: “These pics of Jessica and Will Smith look like they're taking prom pics”.

Will Smith isn’t quite the movie star he was in the ‘90s, but he has been making a resurgence as of late (ironically, not in Independence Day: Resurgence). Smith has been starring in more films recently, and was great as Deadshot in the DCEU film Suicide Squad. His most recent film, Collateral Beauty, was panned by critics, but Smith was praised for his acting in the film.

Will Smith has been tackling more serious roles; however, Smith has also found time to reprise his role as Detective Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys for Life. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Will Smith, but you can catch him in his new film Bright, when it hits Netflix in December 2017.

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