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Time to bust out your Ray-Bans and light up a cigar, children of the 90s, because Independence Day 2 is happening, with or without star (Hint: It's definitely without). But director revealed in a recent interview that even though Smith's price tag was a little too high and desire to return a little too low, two other stars of the 1996 film would definitely be returning: Badass President and nerdy-sexy tech whiz .

In a Q&A at an Apple store in NYC with scribe Erik Davis, Emmerich confirmed the two were down to do the sequel, and though the cost to bring Smith back for the sequel is a little too eye-popping to justify, the director still holds out hope Smith could appear in a cameo to "pass the torch".

The cast will be comprised of a 50/50 split, with about half being brand-new characters and half being returning characters. Nothing about how the characters of Pullman and Goldblum will factor into the screenplay is known yet, though Emmerich describes the script as "unusual". Whatever that means. Rumor has it the story will be set twenty years after the events of the original film (convenient), and we've learned how to harness the alien technology for our own uses, giving the sequel an even more pronounced sci-fi slant, and the working title for the project hints that more Independence Day films are in store: 'ID Forever Part I'.

Regardless, it's awesome news that Goldblum and Pullman will be back. Goldblum's neurotic Jewish scientist, David Levinson, provided the smartly comedic fodder that only Goldblum can bring to a role. Meanwhile, Pullman's President Thomas Whitmore gave us one of the most patriotic speeches in movie history:


I hereby nominate President Whitmore for President of the World.

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