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Sophie Atkinson

When asked about the upcoming season of The Walking Dead, (AKA Michonne) went uncharacteristically silent, before bursting into laughter:

'I'm thinking. How I'm going to answer without saying anything?'

It will be Gurira's second full season as tough girl Michonne when everyone's favorite zombie show returns to the small screen on October 13 and the talented actress is still working out a way of swerving tricky questions so she doesn't incite the wrath of the show's writers by revealing plotlines.

Gurira already seems skilled at doing so: she managed to say very little about the new season, though she does state that many fans have asked her whether romance is on the cards for Michonne and Sheriff Rick Grimes ().

'We know from the comic books even that these two characters do develop a connection. How exactly that plays out – I don't know – we'll have to all see,' she said.

A few weeks ago, the same question was posed to series creator Robert Kirkman in a Q&A piece with TV Line, and he responded less guardedly. Here's an excerpt of Kirkman's response:

'Robert Kirkman says he "wouldn't necessarily rule a romance out," but he reminds us that Rick's "wife did just die in a horrible way, so I don't think any kind of romance is really on his radar just yet." Kirkman does, however, concede that the two are growing closer. "They are definitely forming a friendship," he acknowledges. "They have a very large mutual respect for each other because of their capabilities and their ability to trust one another, and I think that's a lot of what was growing in the [Season 3] episode where they both went off on a run together." '

Note: comic book spoiler below.

As fans of the comic book know, while Michonne and Rick develop a close friendship, it never quite makes it into the lovey-dovey stuff.

Would you like to see the pair get romantic? Or would you prefer if they kept relations strictly platonic? Sound off below.


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