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Mark Newton

I have to admit, as someone whose only real experience of Superman involved weekly viewings of The New Adventures of Superman, I have had difficultly getting excited for 's Man of Steel. The latest trailer, however, may have changed that.

Head over to here to watch it, but stick around right here for a potentially awesome Easter egg. Around the 2:06 mark we see some kind of strange semi-mechanical space squid thing. At first the "thing" did not seem too important, however a reader over at may have revealed another unexpected baddie for Superman to fight. In SPACE! Check out a screengrab of it below:

The eagle-eyed viewer might recognize the celestial calamari as Starro The Conqueror, an intergalactic alien who resembles a massive starfish with a central eye. You only get a lightning-quick glimpse, but at the moment it's the best explanation for what Superman is dealing with up there.

There is also more evidence to back up this theory. Starro was the first bad guy the Justice League tussled with. It's no secret DC is planning to develop a Justice League Part One movie, so maybe the inclusion of Starro in Man of Steel will work as an early tie-in?

Could Starro have teamed up with General Zod, or is this astronomic asteroidea working on its own? Give me your ideas below.


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