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Abi Toll have said that during the recent AMC’s Talking Dead aftershow for The Walking Dead, guests and concurred that it wouldn't be all that strange if The Governor attempted to join Rick’s group in the prison. said that Barinholtz has alluded that tonight’s episode could 'lead to The Governor seeking asylum from Rick Grimes'. The Governor himself, played by Morrissey suggested that it's not completely out of the ordinary for such an unlikely alliance to form.

I think that is what’s going to happen–I think he’s going to go and be like, ‘Hey Rick, I need your help, I need to keep these three ladies safe.’

Barinholtz continued:

My prediction is they will join forces.

, 'The Walking Dead' Live BaitHost suggested that it wouldn't be so strange. Morrissey agreed saying:

I think in the real world, there’s also–we see really unlikely alliances all the time and I think that we can reflect that in the show as well.

Though this scenario is probably highly unlikely, which direction do you think The Governor will turn in next?



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