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If you thought that The Governor was the worst we'd be seeing from AMC's The Walking Dead, then think again: TheStir is reporting that a mega-villian that makes 's character look like kittens dancing on a rainbow could soon be joining the show... Yeah.

Writer Linda Sharps is reporting that:

I won't spoil the books for you, but I will tell you that Negan has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire he names Lucille, and in issue 100, he uses Lucille in a scene that's so shocking, I literally had to close the pages and do some deep breathing because holy crap.

She also revealed that this Negan character does "terrible things to the survivors" and takes a "creepy interest in Carl" in the comics. And, since the AMC show does generally tend do stick (albeit sometimes loosely) to the comic book storyline, executive producer of the show has teased that there could be a big chance of Negan hitting our small screens soon... Watch out, little :

That's definitely a real temptation when you are adapting a show. It's sometimes a struggle because I feel like there are very cool things that are waiting in the wings in the comics that we could do earlier in the show. But those things only work the way they work because of everything that came before them. We have to build up to them properly. Negan isn't going to be as cool if we don't set up this, this, this, and this. We do want to do Negan, and it seems likes everyone on the show does want to do Negan, but we are going to have to do all these other things first.

Are you curious to see Negan, or is that story not even on your radar at this point? Let me know what you think in the comment section below, Walking Dead fans!



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