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Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched Season 3 of The Walking Dead already, exit now!

' return as Morgan for a few, spine-tingling scenes at the end of Season 3 of The Walking Dead marked some of the best performances of the entire show. Remember this? It's such a profoundly affecting performance it makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end...


So it's time to crack out the party poppers - James recently admitted that he'd return to The Walking Dead if he was offered work on the show again. He currently plays Detective Joe Geddes on the Sunday night drama, Low Winter Sun.

When Access Hollywood asked him if he'd be willing to return to the show he said 'I've had nothing but a good time while I was there and The Walking Dead family and Andrew Lincoln and everybody down there have been really good to me and good for me, so of course I'd go back.'

'I have a lovely time there and [if] they keep writing me stuff that's like [what] they’ve done in the past, then who would turn that down?'

James' Season 3 return meant some dramatic scenes with fellow Brit, and a deleted scene from the episode showed the two actors in several intense minutes, with Morgan explaining why he's still alive.

James said to Access about the scene, 'It was really exciting.'

"It was one of those where you just — you’re excited by...the potential of the scenes that he'd written," James said,in reference to the writer of the episode, new showrunner .

James' new show Low Winter Sun, began airing a mere two weeks ago! The show's got a great premise: two men playing Detroit Detectives who kill a fellow officer in the pilot are now asked to solve the same crime they committed.

"Our first 10 episodes are about the fallout of that murder, why it was done, why one of them thinks it was done. Why the other one knows it was done and the affect it has on them as people, but also, them as cops, because they're put in charge of investigating a crime that they've committed and the affect it has on the other cops, [and] the underworld of Detroit because the cop they killed is a dirtier cop than them," he explained.

The show airs after Breaking Bad on Sunday nights, something James acknowledges is a huge help for breaking (heh) a new show:

"We're really lucky," he said. "As a lead in, you can't ask for anything better and I think it probably shows the faith that the network [has] in what we've been doing that they’re giving us such a prestigious lead in".


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