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The Wolverine director has been discussing the development of the upcoming movie, its ties to the X-Men film franchise and comics, the use of 3D and, of course, mutants.

But perhaps the most exciting tidbit we can take from the interview was hearing Mangold talk about the possibility of a post-credits scene for The Wolverine. When asked by Collider whether or not he wanted to include any teasers relating to Fox's other comic book movie franchises, Mangold revealed that thoughts like that "have occurred" to him. He continued:

You're thinking all different things, but I will say that for me the tags after the credits thing has never been my favorite thing in movies. To me the idea is the curtain rises and the curtain comes down. In theater, there’s the idea of the encore and I'm not opposed to it, but what I’m really focused on at this point is the majesty of the best films I see are films that don't panhandle for an extra laugh later, but actually deliver the goods. And when the screen goes black, you go, Yes. My goal, whether there's an egg for you later or not, is that when the thing goes black, that you go, Yes, that you say, Yes, the meal was good. I don't need a fancy wine. I don't need a dessert. I don't need an aperitif. What he gave me was satisfying. That's my hope and dream.

I remember the disappointment of First Class not having an post credits scenes. But now I've been warned. "Thoughts like that have occurred to me" sounds to me suspiciously like "Dammit I knew I forgot something". Of course, I'll sit through the credits all the same, just in case.

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