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The Power Rangers Movie was well received in the U.S and fans embraced the new multi-coloured heroes fighting the forces of evil. Instantly speculation ignited over a sequel as the post-credit scene revealed the arrival of the fan favourite Ranger Tommy Oliver for the second film. However, once the Ranger's film hit foreign audiences it was not as big at the box office as was hoped. This led to many believing that a sequel may never happen. Luckily for fans there is a glimmer of hope! The merchandise has skyrocketed and outsold major competitors to become one of the biggest sellers.

According to NPD data, Power Rangers merchandise has nearly doubled against 2016's figures. The toys and various of merchandise have even overtaken brands including Star Wars, Marvel and Transformers. While this has not yet sparked word of a sequel, it has certainly pleased the creators of the merchandise, Bandai. Tess Parsons-Broome Bandai's Marketing Manager revealed in an interview with ToyNews their surprise over the figures.

These are fantastic results testament to the strength of the Power Rangers brand…Power Rangers has proven its position not only as a classic brand but as a must-have toy in such a competitive market place.

The sales are likely to continue to rise with more merchandise set for release for both the Power Rangers Movie and the current series Power Rangers Ninja Steel in the coming months. The DVD and Blu-Ray of the film is set for release June 27th and if it is a big seller this could only add to the chances of a sequel to the film. So while the oversea box office takings were disappointing for both Saban and Lionsgate, these added figures could make them green light the sequel and Ranger fans can hold out hope a little longer.

Fans also clearly want a sequel, as they have taken to Twitter in a campaign for Saban to give a green light to the production. This led to petitions are also beginning to spring up across the internet campaigning for fans to sign up for more morphinominal adventures. Will all of this work and get the sequel made? It is possible. Other franchises have listened to fan demand for more, including Heroes and Prison Break. While most recently, another superhero franchise was revived due to fan demand, Young Justice. Fans campaigned for years and the studio has listened to their demands and commissioned a third season. Young Justice was originally cancelled due to a lack of merchandise sales, so surely the surge in sales for Power Rangers merchandise along with fans wanting a sequel will make it an easier battle for the fans to win.

Do you think their is still a chance for a sequel?


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