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If you happen to be in Paris this summer, you might want to take the time to call in at the Art Ludique museum, where DC's finest are being celebrated in an exhibition called The Art of DC — The Dawn Of Superheroes.

That's exactly what Superman actor, DC fanboy and undeniably handsome human being Henry Cavill did this week, broadcasting his adventures in an Instagram post — and possibly teasing the fact that Zack Snyder's Justice League movie could include a cameo guaranteed to have fans frothing.

Is Green Lantern In Justice League?

Check out the gallery of selfies Cavill took at the Ludique, and pay extra attention to the final picture in the slideshow...

Obviously this is an exhibition celebrating the best of DC, but each of the pictures taken by Cavill relates specifically to Superman and the . Am I reading too much into the lightbox? Perhaps, but Cavill has made a habit of teasing future events in the DCEU on social media.

The timeline of DCEU movies currently doesn't feature any confirmed films beyond Aquaman (Dec 2018), but Green Lantern Corps is rumored to be at a similar stage of development to Doug Liman's Dark Universe and Suicide Squad 2, so we might begin to learn of castings, director etc. in the coming months.

The fact that nobody has been announced yet kind of pours cold water on the idea of a Justice League cameo, unless DC have just been very hush hush about it and already have their John Stewart and Hal Jordan ready to go. My fantasy is that Mahershala Ali would play Stewart, but considering the man just won an Oscar, DC might not be top of his list.

Justice League hits theaters November 17, and we still know nothing about how or when Superman will be resurrected, so it's tinfoil hats for now.

Will we see one of the Lanterns in Justice League?


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