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(WARNING: The following contains major SPOILERS for the most recent issue of Marvel Comics' The Unworthy Thor, including the precise reason that Thor became unworthy in the first place. Proceed with whatever level of caution the all-seeing Heimdall suggests to you is wise.)

Now, if you've been following the comic book adventures of of late, you'll likely already know that a) 's main Thor is currently Jane Foster, imbued with all the mighty power of the original Thor, and that b) the original Thor is now going by the name Odinson, a.k.a. The Unworthy Thor. You'll also likely recall that this state of affairs arose when, a few years ago, whispered something mysterious into Thor's ear, and struck him down with a wicked case of unworthiness, rendering him unable to lift Mjolnir in the process. All of which has led to a whole lot of speculation on the part of fans, with us all collectively wondering just what the heck it was that Fury could have said.

Now, though, we finally know just what it was that Fury whispered, and as it turns out:

The Reason For Thor's Unworthiness Could Have Some Bearing On 'Thor: Ragnarok'

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Just not quite the bearing you might imagine. Y'see, as it turns out, Fury whispered the phrase "Gorr was right" into the Odinson's ear, something that only means much if you recall that his foe, Gorr the God-Butcher, had recently declared that all gods were unworthy, after slaughtering a whole lot of them.

Now, exactly why that comment would make Thor unworthy is a matter for another time, since the odds of Gorr the God-Butcher randomly turning up in the opening moments of seem distinctly high, but the nature of Thor's loss of worthiness might yet be relevant to the movie, and to the as a whole. Y'see, with Thor: Ragnarok now looking more-and-more likely to explore a similar plot line to the comic book's Unworthy Thor arc, it's worth considering the possibility that:

The Movie Thor May Lose His Worthiness In Much The Same Way As His Comic Book Counterpart

'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Which, if true, could make Fury's line rather revealing. After all, while the chances of it being Fury himself who delivers it seem slim, there's every possibility that someone could whisper something to that effect into Thor's ear during the course of Thor: Ragnarok's opening act, thus sending Thor into a hair-cutting, worthiness-losing (and gladiator-battling) shame spiral.

The most obvious candidate for such a role would, of course, be , seeing as his whole deal is manipulating Thor (and Asgard as a whole). With his desire to sit atop the throne of Asgard kind of hinging on Thor being out of the picture, then there's every chance that he could — perhaps in league with — find some sort of cunning way to strip the Thunder-God of his power with just a few words.

'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'The Avengers' [Credit: Marvel Studios]

Alternatively, there's always the possibility that we could see Thor's power be stripped from him by a more unlikely source. It's possible, for instance, that we could see Odin himself reveal his son's unworthiness. After all, Thor has seemingly spent several years failing to realize that Loki has usurped his father's position on the throne of Asgard, which is arguably the sort of thing that would make you unworthy of something like, say, your father's respect. Which, if you're the son of Odin, could be something of a problem.

Or, of course, we could just see Nick Fury turn up, say something enigmatic about a guy named Gorr, and then get the hell out of Dodge. Director is something of a wild card, after all.

What do you think, though? What do you think will go down in Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know below!



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