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With production set to start this fall, news about the upcoming Sony/Marvel's Venom movie starring Tom Hardy has been coming in red hot. The latest news is that Carnage will be the villain facing off against Venom. The movie is set to hit theaters October 5, 2018. What does this latest news tell us about the upcoming film?

vs. does make the most sense in a world where there is no direct connection to , who's busy getting ready for Homecoming. The question is will it work, considering both symbiotes are more villain that hero? Whether you want to or not ─ without a true superhero, fans will gear up to root for the lesser of two evils in this battle of Spidey villains.

Eddie Brock, A Habitual Liar Turned Venomous Antagonist

Before becoming the host for the symbiote Venom, Eddie was mostly known for being a liar; like the time he tried to impress a girl by wearing a letterman jacket despite only being the water boy. Brock even tried to make a deal with muggers ─ his safety in exchange for his future, now unconscious wife. They turned him down, but before things got worse, Spidey intervened, knocking out the robbers and leaving Brock to take all the credit.

[Source: Marvel Comics]
[Source: Marvel Comics]

Brock would eventually become a journalist, where his web of lies nearly gets him a promotion ─ not exactly an ideal role model. After opening unauthorized mail, Brock gets a scoop on a serial killer calling himself Sin-Eater, who is later revealed to Eddie as Emil Gregg. Together, Brock and Gregg work to get his story told, and with it came local fame for Eddie. After being pressured by police and his father, Eddie was forced to reveal Sin-Eater's true identity, which he did with a front-page story.

However, it turned out that the real Sin-Eater was Stan Carter, who was arrested by Spider-Man. Brock was fired, and later divorced by his wife. He was furious at Spidey for ruining his life, and thoughts of suicide plagued him. While confessing his hatred for the web-slinging hero in church, the discarded symbiote found its new host.

The alien symbiote used the emotionally wrecked Brock as host, feeding off his hate for Spider-Man. However, his emotions were so strong that it couldn't completely take over, eventually after uncovering Spidey's true identity and discovering the raw power of the symbiote. Brock would call himself Venom. Often referring to themselves as "we," the two would go on to terrorize New York — more specifically, Spider-Man. While Eddie may have wanted to kill Spider-Man, he doesn't compare to another symbiote host.

Cletus Kasady Makes Eddie Brock Look Like A Choir Boy

There's not a lot of depth behind Cletus. From childhood, Kasady was a bit crazed ─ after all, he did push his grandma down a flight of stairs, killing her. If that wasn't enough, he killed an administrator and a girl who rejected him at the home for boys where he lived. As fate would have it, while paying for his crimes, Kasady would get Eddie Brock, formerly Venom as a cellmate.

[Source: Marvel Comics]
[Source: Marvel Comics]

The symbiote, who would later be called Carnage, was created from the overload of information from Venom and Spider-Man. Born from the asexual Venom after once again merging with Brock, the symbiote bonded with Kasady through an open cut, becoming Carnage. Unlike Brock and Venom, Kasady and Carnage bonded exceptionally well thanks to their common interest: bloodlust.

As Carnage, Kasady would escape prison and go on to murder random people by using the phonebook to select his victims. Kasady's murdering adventures even included a massacre inside a restaurant.

Will Venom Be Enough To Slow Down Carnage?

Being a spawn of Venom came with heavy advantages, including power that surpasses both Spider-Man and Venom's. In addition to his overwhelming symbiote abilities like regeneration, he's also able to use his arms as bladed weapons. Carnage also has the ability to shape-shift, allowing him to create tentacles to restrain his victims.

Fun fact: Spider-Man alone wasn't enough to take down the mass murderer. It took both Venom and Spidey, with the help of a sonic bass attack to take down the overpowering foe. Even after he was captured, Carnage has since reemerged and continues to wreak havoc as Spider-Man's most mentally disturbed and crazed villains. In fact, in Marvel's Venom vs. Carnage series fans got to see a more heroic side of Venom as he faced off against Carnage and his offspring, Toxin. Still, it took a team that included Black Cat and Spider-Man to help take down Carnage, who proved to be too strong for Venom.

Is This The Right Look For Eddie Brock's Venom?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Eddie Brock is known for being the emotional chaos-causing enemy of Marvel's most beloved web-slinger, but that has to change. Director Ruben Fleischer and writer Scott Rosenberg are tasked with making Venom (Tom Hardy) appear more heroic than villain, despite Eddie being anything but a hero. Part of Eddie's story to becoming Venom is built on his hate, and hate isn't exactly the best quality for a savior. Some may argue that he doesn't have to change much at all, especially since Venom, at one point, became an antihero. Without a ton of details, we're left wondering how this new Spidey-less world relies on former criminal as its savior.

Will Venom become Spider-Man's ally after his fight with Carnage?


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