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Sophie Atkinson

It's tears o'clock for Bourne purists: there won't be another helmed Bourne film. Just days after the internet was abuzz with rumors that director Paul Greengrass (who helmed The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum) and original Bourne star (star of the first three installments of the action series) were in talks with Universal for a return to the series, the director has clarified:

'It's a figment of someone's imagination,' the director told Empire, as action fans round the world pulled their duvets over their heads and cranked up some Radiohead.

Those Empire journos are nothing if not persistent, mind. When they persisted in asking when the last time he discussed the possibility of another sequel with the studio, Greengrass got vague:

"Quite a while ago. We might have a laugh about it, but a serious conversation? Not for a long time."

Let's face it. Like so many other filmmakers, Greengrass is keen to make his mark with new projects:

"Um... listen, I loved the Bourne movies," he told Empire. "I loved making them but it's like anything in life, you've got to move on and do different things."

But this doesn't mean there won't be another Bourne movie, period. According to the rumor, the studio was thinking of developing two 'Bourne' projects simultaneously: one as a sequel to last summer's The Bourne Legacy, which starred as a new agent named Aaron Cross and a fourth Damon-led 'Bourne' operation, helmed by Greengrass. While Greengrass's sequel is clearly off the cards, a Renner sequel seems likely – in August, Deadline reported that Universal had hired Sherlock Holmes scribe 'to script a film that is designed to continue the storyline of Aaron Cross, the character that Jeremy Renner played in the 2012 Tony Gilroy-directed The Bourne Legacy.'

Does this news bother you? Or did you like the Jeremy Renner-led The Bourne Legacy enough not to care whether or not Greengrass or Damon returns?


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