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Carol may have been exiled from Rick's gang, but that doesn't mean her story has come to an end. Indeed, Carol's adventure may prove to be one of the most exciting arcs in The Walking Dead's fourth season.

The Hollywood Reporter recently caught up (who plays Carol) to discuss Carol's development as a character and her unclear future. McBride first admits she had no idea what was coming her way. He explained:

I was pretty floored and I love it. I liked where it went. I looked at it from the story and thought, 'God, how ironic'. This choice that Rick has made, there's so much going on and so many parallels. There are so many ways to turn what's going on here to find these parallels between Rick and Carol, between what she's done and what everyone has done in some way. I can't help but really like the way that this went down.

She continued:

I'm so happy to see the writers have taken a chance with her. They've certainly found great evolution in this character. But there's also a part of me that's not surprised. Think about where she came from. She's one of the first people you'd think would bite it, and she nearly did on several occasions. For both Rick and Carol, what's being explored is this thing of 'how do we come back from the things we have to do?'

McBride even suggests Carol may have wanted he crimes to be discovered. Indeed, she was of course the one who admitted her guilt to Rick. McBride says:

She was prepared to tell Rick, that he would find out. She even suggested in council meeting that Rick do a timeline to see who was where and when as the slayings happened. That's very interesting to note. Did she want to get caught? When she says to Rick that she did it, she stands there for a second and waits and he doesn't say anything so she presses on with her task.

Of course, none of this confirms Carol will be returning, but I think it's a very likely possibility. Showrunner has stated Carol is his favorite character, while even comic writer Robert Kirkman has stepped in. He told The Los Angeles Times:

I would say it would be very strange if this was the last we see of Carol. But it's not guaranteed. We saw Merle again, didn't we?

What do you think? Are you glad Carol's character took a completely new direction? Let us know what you think below.


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